What Not To Miss in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a diverse set of interests, attractions and visually appealing sights. The Vietnamese people are also unique in their own way because of their long winding history and rich, authentic culture.  It’s normal, therefore, to feel spoilt of choice on the things to do, see, or go visiting there. The diversity added to the closed nature of the country explains why most visitors miss a lot of things on Vietnamese travels. Luckily, this article will give you the top 5 things to see and do in Vietnam the next time you travel or plan to travel there.


Vietnamese Pagodas


If you’ve watched legendary Vietnamese movies, then you’ve probably seen tiered towers peppered all over the scripts. Pagodas represent some of the most distinctive architecture you can find in Vietnam; they’re virtually everywhere around the country.  Hence, don’t waste the opportunity to visit the precious and legendary Pagodas which are very important to the Vietnamese people and culture. Nevertheless while at it, beware that these Pagodas mostly serve as temples and shrines. They should be accessed with respect.


Halong Bay


The Halong Bay is a magnificent travel destination in the heart of Vietnam. Located in the vast Quang Ninh province, the Halong Bay is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site – thus recognized as a unique and memorable place to visit for international tourists. With more than 3000 islands sitting on its emerald green waters, the Halong Bay is probably one of the best places to visit in the entire Vietnam and shouldn’t be missed. The Bay is good for all kinds of fun from hiking, rowing in the waters to doing cave tours. However, be sure to get tour operators who have the right equipment for the excursions as most try to oversell poorly performing boats which may be hazardous on the bay tours. While the outdoors are predominant attractions on the Halong Bay, the bay is also perfect for historical visits because of its role in the origin of human beings, among other prehistoric facts.


Củ Chi Tunnels


While it’s not possible for you to see everything on a trip to Vietnam, the Củ Chi tunnels are an attraction not to miss whatever the case. These immense networks of connecting underground tunnels have a rich history dating to decades ago; they represent an ample portion of the country’ intense underground network system. By visiting the Củ Chi tunnels, you’ll be able to understand just how the Viet Cong inflicted so much pain on their opponents during the Vietnam wars of the 60’s and 70’s. And this is not all; there are numerous shooting points inside the tunnels to help you relive the realities of the devastating war among other adventures.


The Floating Markets


The Floating markets of Vietnam are other unique attractions you can’t afford to miss when you visit the country. These markets open early, mostly selling food and groceries to the early risers across boats.  While these can be spotted just about everywhere, you have to be careful to visit those situated across strong banks - your travel agent can help you see which ones are the finest. It’s however, very important for you to get to the markets early because these markets open early.


Conical Hats


Conical hats have been part of the Vietnamese culture for years. You’ll commonly see them in the rice paddies in the Vietnamese highlands or among street vendors, among others. Whilst conical hats are common, you have to be careful when buying them so as not to be ripped off. Try buying these conical hats from reputable tourist shops rather than on the streets where they are most likely to be overpriced if you must have them on. 


Overall, Vietnam is an attractive country with a lot of attractions to see when you visit. While it’s virtually impossible to see everything there is in this painfully beautiful communist country, there are a few special attractions or sights not to be missed at whatever cost. From the historic Vietnamese pagodas, the breathe taking Halong Bay, to the expansive Cu Chi Tunnels and the floating markets in the river cities, Vietnam is full of a lot of attractions you can’t find anywhere else.