Vietnam Travel & Transportation

Travelling is accompanied by a beautiful experience. It does not matter whether you are travelling around your own town or a new town. You get a chance to see many new places and learn a lot of things. Travelling comes with its own anxieties. Tourists, too, experience that phase of anxiety and wonder, what if the country does not satisfy their expectations? Let’s start by giving you an insight on the travel and transport nature in Vietnam. Surely someone is looking forward to spend his holiday here, or is stuck in a house wondering how he can see that beautiful scenery.


Transport in Vietnam


There are some factors you need to look at in terms of transport when living or travelling in Vietnam. Vietnam’s transport infrastructure has improved on a high rate. For this reason it has become easier to travel in and out of Vietnam. The following are some of the very many means of transport to use while in Vietnam.




This is known to be the fastest means of travel in the world. A flight is convenient when you are travelling in or out of Vietnam. It saves you from fatigue and other road emergencies that occur. Vietnam has 21 civil airports that are currently in use. Among them are 8 international airports. Booking your flight can be a little bit expensive, but the flight saves a lot of time. The schedule is also flexible; there are daily flights between major cities.




This is one of the slowest yet most interesting means of transport. If you are travelling to a distant town in Vietnam, the train will give you the comfort you need .While in the train, you’ll get a chance to see beautiful Vietnam scenery. Every day 3-4 trains transport passengers from one city to the other. There are various categories of trains: we have ones with hard and soft seats and the soft and hard berth. The price varies according to the category you choose. If you wish to reserve a seat, you have 2-3 days to do so. Get your tickets at Hanoi and HCM train station. There are also travel agents who can secure you a train ticket.


The Bus


This is the cheapest means of transport in Vietnam. Both the tourists and locals pay the same price. With a bus it is possible for tourists to cross into Vietnam from Cambodia or Laos. Cambodia is the most popular way used. There is a cheap tourist shuttle via the Bavet-Moc-Bai border crossing. Though for tourists busses are not the best; they do not provide comfort since they are always crowded and very old. Tourists should consider using tourist busses or taxis.


Tourist Bus


Tourist busses are much more comfortable than the ordinary busses. They are very convenient and brake at every tourist spot requested. Tickets are found at tourist’s cafes and travel agencies.




This is a more private means of transport especially for tourists. In Vietnam you get to negotiate the price before entering the taxi. Direct the driver to where you are heading to avoid future confusion. Taxis in Vietnam are metered taxis. Find metered taxis in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. There are malicious taxi drivers who tamper with the setting of the meter to rob tourists their money. It is therefore advisable to check if the meter is working and taxis on the streets are much cheaper too.




A cyclos allows you to explore the city especially when driving at low speed. Locals too still use the cyclos if in need of some adventure. Cyclos drivers are very aggressive - be very careful to choose a good one.




In Vietnam you can rent a motorbike for day or so. With a motorbike you can take yourself to places with the help of map. However you need to have license. Vietnam calls for careful driving due to the high number of accidents that occur annually.


Sampan Boats


This means of transport is commonly located around floating villages, floating markets on Mekong River Delta.




Did you know you can enter Vietnam through a river? There is a river border that is crossing between Cambodia and Vietnam on the banks of Mekong.