Exploring Family Friendly Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most eccentric travel destinations in the world. The cascading landscape, breath taking water channels and rivers, and the expansive rice fields and paddies leave a lot of ewe in their wake. The country’s rich history, floating markets and cuisine, together with magnificent city life also attracts millions of visitors annually.


Unlike other travel destinations Vietnam is kind of unique for all travelers.  When you bring your kids here, it’s not business as usual. There are a number of practical realities (some harsh) you have to keep in mind when you travel there with kids. Luckily, this article gives you 7 things to keep in mind when you explore Vietnam with your kids.


Vaccinate Your Kids


Like most countries with a tropical location, Vietnam is a hot spot for tropical diseases. There are also numerous vectors which transmit diseases. To protect your kids from the tropical brunt of these diseases vectors (especially when you travel move to rural Vietnam), you need to vaccinate your children before you travel there. Vaccinating them of all the possible ailments the climate exposes them to will not only protect them from the seemingly harsh environment, but it will also give you peace of mind when you travel that something bad won’t happen.


 Be Careful about Traffic


Vietnam has a high population density of over 90 million people. With a large majority of these people living in cities like Ho Chi Minh, street traffic can get crazy during rush hours, or even during regular working hours. For your kids to stay safe in this human and vehicle traffic, you all need lessons in navigating the nearly crammed traffic. Getting lessons on how to move safely through Vietnam traffic with your children this will enable you avoid getting trumped in traffic, or worse, suffering from road accidents.


Choose Child Friendly Places


Like other favorite tourist destinations, Vietnam has a wide variety of attractions and amenities for travelers and holiday enthusiasts. However, not all of these traveler attractions, like the clubs and night clubs might be appropriate for children. Therefore, you must be very careful on where you take your children, lest you expose them to uncomfortable surroundings. Nonetheless, there are virtually hundreds of places to take your kids for fun. The waterpark in Ho Chi Minh and the amusement park in Nha Trang are some examples of child friendly places in Vietnam.


Skin Protection


Just like most destinations situated in the tropics, Vietnam experiences ample sunshine to say the least. When you travel there with your children, it’s a safe bet to have some kind of sunshine protection for you, and them.  Invest in child friendly sunscreen to protect their delicate skins from the harsh sunshine. In addition, you should invest in gear that will protect your children from insect bites. Mosquito nets in particular, work perfectly to protect your children not just from mosquitoes, but several other tropical insects that might harm your child. Anti-bug gels for children can also come in handy when you choose to hit the outdoors for camping, hiking, etc.


Educate Them about Religion


Vietnam is essentially very religious. Most people there have a devoted sense towards religion, temples, religious artifacts and monuments. Before you take your child to Vietnam, be careful with how they react to religion. Teach them some of the things they should avoid- in terms of how they relate to the religious implements. Helping your children know what some of the religious attractions mean to the natives will help them keep a safe distance from them when you visit ancient and legendary Vietnamese temples and shrines.


Overall, Vietnam is a great country with so much to offer for family travel. Where kids are involved however, you must be prepared for the realities on the ground. For example, you must prepare your children for the tough environment with sunscreen, bug gels and mosquito nets. You should also prepare your children for the demographics by educating them about the Vietnamese religions and temple etiquette. Finally, when you’re taking your children with you to Vietnam, a few lessons in navigating heavy traffic can come in handy, among other things.