Countries Which Are Exempt From Vietnam Visa

Do you need to apply visa before coming to Vietnam?

The people who has passport of following nationalities are extempt visa for a specific time when enter Vietnam, however the citizens of other countries need visa when enter Vietnam when they depart from a country which is exempt from visa.




Term of residence



less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 21 days


less than 30 days


less than 14 days


less than 30 days


less than 15 days

South Korea

less than 15 days



less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days

Russian Federation

less than 15 days


Special Exemptions:

- Citizens of Chile holding valid diplomatic or official passports required no visa to enter Vietnam for less than 60 days.
- APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders economies may visit Vietnam for less than 60 days.



How the procedures exempted with visa for foreigners entering Vietnam?


Travelers should prepare for some following documents:

-         Two copied forms of immigration. One for entry and one for exit. Tourist should not fill out in advance. It should be filled out for duration tourists want to immigrate. Visa Application/ Entry/ Exit Form


-         Two photos with size 4x6 


Travelers will submit their passports and immigration form prepared in advance to security personnel when they arrive at Viet Nam airport for procedures. Airport security personnel will check customer passport and information first then they stamp customer procedures to enable customers immigration and temporary residence in Viet Nam during citizens of that country exempted with visa .


For some cases of writing, our clients have faced with many errors or false with their passport from security personnel so clients should pay attention to the time of temporary residence anytime getting back the passports. We had a Thailand customer recently entering to Viet Nam and he got 30 days for visa exemption but at the time of stamping and  the security personnel have mistakenly recorded date of customers temporary residence : Time of temporary residence  from 25th March 2013 until 27th March 2013


For case above that mean this customer can stay in Viet Nam for two days only. If the customers do not renew visa or extend their expired visa that will be fined. Therefore, tourists must check their passport information when receiving. If the customers find out something wrong with date written in their passport so then ask the security personnel correct them. For the situation of Thailand's customer mentioned above, the security personnel must record exactly time of temporary residence from 25th March 2013 until 25th April 2013.


Tourists entering Viet Nam that will be allowed them to stay in viet Nam with the period of that country citizens are exempt for visa .The tourists need to make Viet Nam visa extension procedures or renew their visas in Viet Nam if they want to stay longer.


Tourists do not need to leave Viet Nam for renewing or extending visa that they just send us their original passport so we can assist them with the visa extension. It could take 5 - 7 working days for visa procedure. If the tourists want to get extended visa, they have to pay the extra cost for urgent fee.


Cost of extension depending on the type of visa and the airport where visitors entered before.


We normally can only extend for the visa once a month or many times and visa  one or more times for 3 months visa.


There are some nationalities that we can extend the visa of 6 months for many times.


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