Step-by-step instructions for a Vietnam Visa




Passport Visa

US citizens planning to enter Vietnam are required to have a valid passport and either 1 of these items:


*Please note that Visa on arrival into Vietnam are only issued at airports. Travelers arriving by land or sea need to obtain a visa from any Vietnamese embassy in the country they are visiting from.


For example, travelers planning to enter Vietnam from Thailand may apply for a Vietnamese Visa from the embassy in Thailand OR apply for the visa from the embassy in the US before leaving for the trip.


Obtaining a Vietnamese Visa

Travelers can apply for a visa into Vietnam from any Vietnamese Embassy as early as 6 months from the date of travel. A loose-leaf or paper visa may also be requested as an option.


Here are the steps:

passport photo form payment postage time

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Valid Passport Original Photo Application Form Payment Shipping/Postage Processing Time

Valid PassportStep 1 : Valid Passport.

Ensure that passport has at least 6 months validity from the date of embarkation and/or 1 month validity from the last day in Vietnam.

  • If applying for a normal Visa: Submit original passport with at least 1 blank visa page.
  • For Loose-leaf Visa Application: Submit a copy of passport, with passport details and photo.

Valid PassportStep 2 : Original Photo

Recent photograph of applicant in 2 x 2” format.

  • Full color photograph with a plain white background.
  • For Visa: 1 copy. (attached to application form)
  • For Loose-leaf Visa: 2 copies. (1 attached to form, 2nd stapled)

Valid Passport Step 3 : Application Form

  • Ensure form is fully completed, signed and with photo(s) attached/stapled.
  • Form Download (pdf / word format)

Valid PassportStep 4 : Payment

  • Payment can be made in check or money order to: The Embassy of Vietnam.
  • There is usually an application fee on top of the visa fees. (Embassy officials will provide the pricing.)
  • Stamp Fees*:
    • Single entry visa (1 month / 3 months) - $45
    • Multiple entry visa (1 month) - $65
    • Multiple entry visa (3 months) - $95

*Note: Fees may differ from embassy to embassy in various countries. Prices listed here are in USD for visa application in embassies located in the US and may be subject to change. Please contact the embassy to confirm the prices.

Valid Passport

Step 5 : Shipping/Postage (Optional - For requests by mail)

  • Include a prepaid return envelope.
  • Applicants are advised to utilize postal service with tracking numbers.
  • The same envelope with a single postal address can be used for applicants applying together.

Valid Passport

Step 6 : Visa Processing Time

  • 5 business days* upon receipt of application.
  • 2 days expedited processing at an additional fee.

*Embassies are closed on weekends, Vietnamese and public holidays.

Vietnam Embassies/Consulates in the US.

Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC., USA

1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA
Tel: (1-202) 861 0737 Consular: 861 2293
Fax: (1-202) 861 0917 Consular: 861 0694

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, USA

1700 California St., Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109, USA
Tel: (1415) 922 1577 (1415) 922 1707
Fax: (1415) 922 1848(1415)922 1757

Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the UN

866 UN Plaza, Suite 435, New York, N.Y. 10017, USA
Tel: (1212) 644 0594
Fax: (1212) 644 5732

Types of Visa

There are 2 types of visas for the regular traveler in Vietnam: Tourist or Business Visa.

Travelers who want to, can extend their visas once they are in Vietnam.

Tourist Visa

  • Valid for 1-3 months.

Business Visa

  • Valid for 3-6 months.

  • A Business Letter or Letter of Sponsor is required for a business visa application at an embassy.

Visa Exemption Document

A Visa Exemption Document can be obtained for the following people who wish to enter Vietnam:

Visa Upon Arrival

Please click here to read up on how to obtain Visa Upon Arrival into Vietnam.