How to apply

You want to visit Vietnam safely, within budget, and with as little hassle as possible.  To do so, you must familiarize yourself with the country's laws, not least of which are those regarding travel by foreigners.  The Socialist Republic of Vietnam requires that visitors from certain countries obtain visas.  How long you plan to stay in Vietnam can also affect whether you need a visa.  If you have certain plans - employment or school - visa requirements shift.  It is essential to determine what type of documentation you need to enter and remain in Vietnam.
A visa, stamped in a passport or issued electronically, permits the holder to travel in or through Vietnam.  If your type of trip or your nationality requires a visa, it is essential to have a current, legal one.  You are subject to immediate deportation on arrival if you do not have the proper documentation.  Moreover, if you alter or otherwise falsify your travel documents, you may be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment. 
The process varies based on your country of origin; whether you are a student, a tourist, a business person, or other entity; and how long you intend to stay in Vietnam. 
First, you need to determine whether you require a visa.  If you are, for example, Swedish, then you may visit Vietnam for up to 15 days without a visa.  A Singapore passport holder may visit for up to 30 days without a visa.  U.S. citizens, together with many other nationals, must obtain a visa.  
Second, if you ascertain you need a visa to travel to Vietnam for your purpose, you must apply for one.  You may apply for a visa up to six months before travel.  Our agency offers the convenience of visa on arrival.  To get your visa this way, simply fill out the website form with the correct details of your name, passport number, and arrival date.  Please designate a payment method - we accept most major credit cards and PayPal.  After two workdays for standard processing or one workday for expedited processing, we will send you the pre-approved visa letter by email.  When filling out your visa application, be sure to be honest, accurate, and thorough because the penalties for a falsified or inaccurate visa can be steep in Vietnam.
Third, you must get the visa itself.  When you fly into any of the three international airports in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang), you will need your passport, the approval letter, two passport-sized (2x2) photos, a stamping fee, and entry and exit forms.  You must show all this information to the immigration officer in Vietnam in order to have your visa stamped for entry. 
There is a nearly dizzying array of information about travel today.  If you seek a travel agency with tremendous country-specific knowledge, let us help.  Our employees are trained and experienced in travel to Vietnam.  This agency does not mislead customers about their travel needs, nor do we charge inordinate amounts for any of our services.  We will determine whether you need a visa and what type you need, then help you obtain one quickly and affordably.