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Tourist visa Vietnam

Viet Nam visa,
My two friends would like to arrange a tourist visa for their trip to Vietnam. Please could you advise them on the procedure and cost?
Thanks very much in advance.
Kind regards,


Dear Mr. Thomas,
Thanks for your email
Could you please tell me their nationalities? 
We will consult you how to get visa on arrival after we hear from you 

Best regards

Kenyan citizen visa to Vietnam enquiry

Visa on arrival,

My father in law currently living in Kenya would like to travel to Vietnam for tourist purposes.

He is a kenyan citizen and because of work commitments, he cannot travel to Tanzania (which is the nearest consulate to him) to collect his visa.

Therefore, I would like to confirm that if he applys online for the approval letter would it be certain he will get the visa in Vietnam on arrival?

(he will be travelling by air)

Some websites have indicated that it is best that kenyan citizens get visa from the nearest consulate before travelling to Vietnam.

Kindly adivse.

Also, could you please inform me on the total visa fees (including stamping fees) and all costs that he would incur for a multiple entry for a tourist


He intends to stay in Vietnam for 11 days and will be travelling to Hanoi, Ha long, Da Nang and Saigon.



Dear Aarti,

Warmest Greetings from Vietnam Visa Online!

Could I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Jessica Lee, the team support of

I am writing to you to confirm that we have received your visa inquiry 

We would like to confirm you that Kenya can get Vietnam visa on arrival without any problem. However Kenya is listed as limited nationality when applying Vietnam visa. You can see the list of limited countries at: so the rules cause the difficulty and more requirement so it takes time, effort and fee to make visa for Kenya passport holder..  This is also why the fee to make visa for you is more expensive than other unlimited countries like UK, Canada, Germany, America, etc.  It costs US$ 150/person to make one month single entry

You also need to send us following documents

- Your scanned colour passport 
 - Your hotel booking, return flight ticket, and traveling schedule in Vietnam

- It takes 7 working days to get approval visa. 

Please click following link to make the balance then we will make visa for you

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards

12 month visa for Australian from China

Visa to Vietnam,

I would like to get a visa to Vietnam for 12 months if possible. 

Is this possible? 

Warm regards, 

Dear Doug,
Thanks for your email
Australian can get 1 year multiple visa, the price is US$ 610/person if you do not have any company in Vietnam to guarantee for you
It takes 7 working days to get visa issued. If you want to make visa, please send us following documents
- Your date of arrival
- Your passport copy (the front page)
- The Vietnam embassy abroad where you want to get visa stamped (It is impossible to get visa on arrival)

Should you need any further information, please let us know

apply Visa urgent 1 hour for US citizens from China

Visa online,

I tried to apply for an online Vietnamese Visa via your website.

I received a mail back to follow up. Is everything ok, it seems it is waiting for payment?

I could not fill in my arrival airport, which is Nha Trang. Will that be an issue when I arrive?


Help with visa

Visa online.

I need help with two separate visa issues.

1. I (a Romanian citizen) need a visa for Indonesia. I know I can get a visa on arrival but I would prefer to get it done earlier especially if it’s not too costly. Please advise as to the cost. I am flying to Jakarta on October 15 and will spend 4-5 days there.

2. My Vietnamese nanny needs a visa for Romania (we want to take her with us when we go visiting in December). Can you please tell me how much it would cost to obtain this for her? We plan to go to Romania around December 20 and stay there about 3 weeks. Before entering Romania we might spend a few days in Hungary so please check how much it would cost to also get her a visa for Hungary.

Thank you for your help.


One Year Visa for British passport

Visa on arrivall office,

I have a British passport have lived in Vn since 2012. First using a business visa now using a 3 month tourist visa. Would like to have a one year visa please explain what I need to provide to obtain this visa on arrival?
Working in Korea, scheduled to return to Vietnam OCTOBER 3rd, 2015. My tourist visa expires OCTOBER 11th, 2015
My girlfriend is Vn & our son has Vn & British passport

Dear Mr. Peter,
Thanks so much for your email
At this moment, we can make 1 year visa for you.
It costs US$ 650/person to make one year business visa for you. It takes 10 days to get visa issued
You need to send us
- Your passport copy
- Date of arrival
- The embassy where you want to get visa stamped (It is impossible to get visa on arrival)
Should you need any further information, please let us know

Best regards

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