About Us

Are you Vietnamese by ancestry?  A curious traveler?  A businesswoman attending a conference?  Whatever your needs may be in Vietnam, our travel agency can prepare you to enter, effectively enjoy, and safely depart the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  We offer one-month and three-month visas, with either single or multiple entries.  We can work with large groups of students or tourists.  
Vietnam is a beautiful developing country.  Located on the far east of the Indochine Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the country's population is more than 90 million.  Because Vietnam is still transforming from an agrarian and centrally-planned government to a market economy, it can be daunting to the traveler. 
Our staff is highly knowledgeable about international travel and Vietnam specifically.  Depending on your budget and needs, we offer advice, comprehensive information packets, and visa application services.  Many travel companies cover too many areas of the world and therefore lack the depth of knowledge we offer regarding Vietnam.  Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients with visa on arrival applications and other travel information.  We help U.S. citizens register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and give all travelers the information necessary for them to stay in contact with their embassies and consulates.  
After the Vietnam War, Vietnam was unified under a Communist government, which resulted in political isolation and poverty for many. Vietnam started reforms in 1986, establishing diplomatic ties with most countries by 2000.  However, it is vital that visitors understand that the Vietnamese government remains strict regarding travel.  Any visitor who falsifies travel documents can be subjected to criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment.  
Additionally, certain areas of Vietnam are deemed "sensitive" by the government.  If you intend to go near the Chinese, Cambodian, or Laotian borders, consult with us first, since it is not always clear, even in-country, where you can safely go.  It may be that you simply cannot travel to a given locale or you may need permission from the local government.  We can do this research for you and obtain permission if that is possible.  
Many travelers prefer to do their own trip planning.  Though this may work out, consider the following - our agency has years of experience in Vietnamese travel.  We discuss your plans with you and help you decide where and how to travel. We can get you a visa affordably and quickly.  We work with students, families, and business travelers.  Our goal is to provide honest and comprehensive advice about Vietnam while staying within budget.  We work with you to tailor a package that meets your financial and planning needs.
Vietnam has a high rate of pick-pocketing and petty theft in major cities.  Violent crime is also on the rise in the form of sexual assault, drug feuds, and extortion.  Some criminals specifically target tourists.  Our agency can counsel you about high-risk locations and situations so that your trip is not spoiled by crime.  We give advice on where to stay in-country, how to handle your travel documents and valuables, and what to do if you are the victim of a crime.  
Safety standards in Vietnam tend to be lower than those in the U.S.  As a result, certain methods of travel (boat, bus, etc.) may be unsafe.  If you book travel with a company that is aiming only for the lowest price, you may endanger yourself or your family.  We can assist you with in-country travel plans so that you feel safe and comfortable while abroad.